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NB/GNC: Mourning Call


London. UK.

Duration: 30min

Materials: Voice, Recorded sound, Eggs, Egg cartons, Fire, Matches, Chrome cock cage, Black lace fetish hood, long-sleeve black mini dress, iPhone & digital loop station, Deconstructed stuffed unicorn.

"I have the legs of a man,

I have the heart of a child,

I bare the weight of a womxn,

I have the sex of the land.

They clawed me out of the womb,

They severed my tie to source,

Thy told me I was man,

They took away my voice.

I'm more than a body.

I'm not just a body.

My guts are crystalline.

My Soul made of mercury."

Documentation: Greg Goodale

Curated by Katy Baird as part of STEAKHOUSELIVE. Supported by Sutton House.

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