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NB/GNC: Mourning Call


Berlin. DE.

Duration: 30min

Materials: Voice, Recorded sound, Eggs, Egg cartons, Fire, Matches, Chrome cock cage, Black lace fetish hood, long-sleeve black mini dress, iPhone & digital loop station, Deconstructed stuffed unicorn.

"I have the legs of a man,

I have the heart of a child,

I bare the weight of a womxn,

I have the sex of the land.

They clawed me out of the womb,

They severed my tie to source,

Thy told me I was man,

They took away my voice.

I'm more than a body.

I'm not just a body.

My guts are crystalline.

My Soul made of mercury."

Documentation courtesy of Galerie Im Turm

Curated by Juischka Stengele in the frame of Stengele's FAT FEMME FURIOUS solo exhibition. Supported by Galerie Im Turm.

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