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Solo Exhibition

"My Pornographic Heart is a solo exhibition of new works by Benjamin Sebastian. Drifting between assemblage, 2D collage, video collage and live action, these works explore the delicacy and intimately pornographic elements of sex and gender oscillating the male body. Sebastian fuses found image and text with words and objects of his own, creating a complex visual outcome for the viewer.

Alterations in scale, together with the juxtaposition of images (graphic and naive), are intended to encourage the viewer to consider the ways in which we think about the private and the public, the domestic and the colonial. (in one image we see the Queen’s head on a postal stamp positioned beside a man’s exposed arsehole while he masturbates). Sebastian’s magpie aesthetics challenge the appropriateness of appropriation and the boundaries of identities and power..."

Supported by Bruno Glint Gallery.

Works Include:

The Sexual Outlaw Tapestries: I & II - inkjet print on book, thread.

Submission/Resistance: I, II, II, IV & V - photographic C-Print.

Homage to 26 - single channel video projection.

The Outsider Palimpsests: I & II - C-Print on matt paper.

The boy looked at Jonny - acetate, thread, inkjet print, pen, razor, light-box.

Domestic Collapse - paper, thread, un-franked UK postal stamps. 

Downloadable PDF Catalogue

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