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Impossible Performances



"Impossibility is a sliding scale. somedays it feels impossible to get out of bed. On others we are pleasantly surprised to reach beyond our own expectations (let alone what others expect of us). Wether that is finding the energy to lift a corner of curtain to peek up at a tiny patch of sky, or scaling a peak to gaze down upon the clouds. 


Each of the 16 artists/ writers invited to take part in the project have leant into, or away from, the idea of impossibility in a different way; they have used different mediums to share experiences, and have of course needed to rely on what is possible and practical in order to realise their works. The Covid-19 pandemic made sharing live performance art practices a physical impossibility, but these works transcend the immediate impossibilities of living in a global pandemic. They explore the layers upon layers of everyday impossibilities that we still encounter and will remain present once we ‘return to normal’."

Contributors include:


Jade Blackstock

selina bonelli

Helen Davison

Máiréad Delaney

Chinasa Vivian Ezugha

Ernst Fischer

Ro Hardaker

Catherine Hoffmann

Rubiane Maia

Ash McNaughton

Martin O'Brien

Harold Offeh

Kerry Ryan

Benjamin Sebastian

Keijaun Thomas

Downloadable pdf HERE

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