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Wake​: To become cognisant or aware. Roused from a tranquil or inactive state. A path or course of a thing passed or preceded. Mourning the body of the dead. Keeping watch. Holding vigil


WAKE was a six month long programme of events exploring social consciousness, collectivity and division. It was a call to action, to wake up. A vigil to remember what has gone before & a gathering to consider how we may move forward. Incorporating a pop-up library, performances, talks, interactive exhibitions, workshops and a three day festival - Wake consisted of three strands:

The Risings: 1 & 2

The Vigils: Black, Rites, Earth, Sex

WAKE Festival

Curated and managed by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean.


Funded by Arts Council England, Creative Folkestone, Roger De Hana Charitable Trust, the Live Art Development Agency and Kent County Council. 


Participating Artists:

Collete Patterson, Viviana Druga, Matt Mahony-Page, Joseph Morgan Schofield, Giulia Matter, Orinta Pranaityte, Ria Righteous, Kajoli Ilojak, Sara Zaltash, Jade Montserrat, FUCK U PAY US, Salome Asega, Ernst Fischer, Helen Spackman, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Pepe Dayaw, Rocio Boliver, Julie Tolentino & Stosh (Pig Pen), john smith, Kira O'Reilly, Dominic Thorpe, Carlos Martiel, hancock & kelly, Anja Ibsch, Fausto Gracia, Frank Homeyer, Emilio Rojas, Rita Marhaug, Local Foreigner, Surya Tüchler, Esther Neff, Lala Nomada, selina bonelli.


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