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Tiding, meaning a communication, or an announcement, or to drift with, or as if with, the force of the waves.

Tiding was a day of performance art taking place at two historic places of worship in Folkestone and Romney Marsh. Tiding was a celebration of the spring, the return of life after the retreats of winter and lockdown. Tiding also marked the last public programming ]performance s p a c e[ organised in Folkestone. 

]ps[ has made a home for performance art and artists on Tontine Street since 2016. We have organised festivals, hosted residencies, curated exhibitions, and worked in collaboration with our peers and communities. Across this time, we have remained in dialogue with the remarkable landscape of the Kent coast, and so it is fitting that Tiding occured at both the Parish Church of St Mary and St Eanswythe in Folkestone, and St Augustine’s at Snave, a remote church in Romney Marsh. 

People have met to worship at St Mary and St Eanswythe since the 7th Century, and at Snave since the 13th Century. In inviting James, Kelvin, Léann, Lynn, Monstera, and Sandra to make works in dialgoue with these two old churches, we spoke about religion, and the histories of violence, exclusion and loss which these sites call in. At the same time, as we prepared the churches - negotiating space, sourcing materials, collecting dust - we  thought about the spiritual functions of performance art - as a place for gathering, meditation, celebration and reflection.

Tiding is curated by Benjamin Sebastian and Joseph Morgan Schofield, and produced by ]performance s p a c e[. The project is supported by Ash McNaughton and Marcin Gawin.

The project was funded by ]performance s p a c e[, Kent County Council, Creative Folkestone and Roger De Haan Charitable Trust, and Kent Wildlife Trust.

Curated Artists:

Kelvin Atmadibrata
Sandra Johnston
Monstera Deliciosa
Lynn Lu
James Jordan Johnson
Léann Herlihy

Photographic Documentation by Manuel Vason and Tristan Broers.

Video Documentation by Marco Berardi and Baiba Sprance.

Catalogue coming soon (write documentation currently available online here)

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