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Performance Economies was the inaugural curatorial endeavour of ]performance s p a c e [.

The programme consisted of residencies, talks, performances, research labs and open platforms - taking the form of the

]performanc e x c h a n g e [; I, II & III - as well as In Conversation; Gender, Formative & Install-action.

Curated by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean.

Funded by Arts Council England and The Legacy List.

Supported by the Live Art Development Agency.

Participating Artists:

Poppy Jackson, Nina Arsenault, Nathan Walker, Klara Schilliger, Valerian Maly, Leo Devlin, Benjamin Sebastian, Bean, Mara Vujić, Jurgen Fritz, Dominik Lipp, Valentina Chirita, Leja Jurisic, Teja Reb, Christopher Mollen, Lindsay Tunnel, Victoria Grey, Teena Lange, Owen Parry, Robin Bale, Dolanbay, Sikarnt Skoolisariyaporn, Evamaria Schaller, Marita Bullmann, Brian Patterson, Brian Connolly, Laura Graham, Boris Nieslony, Dani Ploeger, and Fabiola Paz.

Participating Organisations:

]performance s p a c e [, City of Women, Grüntaler 9,

International Performance Art Association (IPA), Bbeyond, Paersche and OUI Performance.

In Conversation: Gender

In Conversation: Formative

In Conversation: Install-action

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