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Pause & Affect


PAUSE & AFFECT was a nine month programme of curated and open call artist residencies at ]performance s p a c e [. Each set of residencies offered an holistic opportunity for research, development & platform events - for artists making time-based & performance art. Each set of residencies offered a unique package, for specific groups of artists, at varying stages of their artistic process and development. The programme consisted of three strands:


The Rising (I & II)

The Residents

]open s p a c e [

Exploring the necessity of reflection as a primary route to self development, PAUSE & AFFECT facilitated residential periods where artists were encouraged to embrace slowness as a creative methodology. Within accelerated capitalism, pause and affect became a toolkit of resistance; strategies that took back time, made space & reconnected with that deemed important.​ In order to combat increasingly fast-paced demands on artists to 'be productive', PAUSE & AFFECT insisted that the primary resources required for any creative endeavour were those of time and space; enabling artists to tune in, recalibrate, experiment and grow - in order to then contribute exceptional art to our shared cultural landscapes. 

Curated and managed by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean. Production support from Ash McNaughton.

The project was supported by Home Live Art and the Live Art Development Agency.


The project was funded by Arts Council England, Creative Folkestone, Roger De Hana Charitable Trust and Kent County Council. 


Participating Artists:

Émilie-Christine P. Newman, Gemma Jones, Gareth Cutter, Rhine Bernardino, James Jordan Johnson, Lena Chen, crazinisT artisT (Va-Bene Elikem Fiatsi), Nicholas Tee, Vivian Chinasa Ezugha​, Ria Righteous, Máiréad Delaney, Gabi, Keijaun Thomas, Dani d"Emilia The Uhuruverse, Rubiane Maia, Emilio Rojas, Joseph Morgan Schofield & selina bonelli.

Catalogue Coming Soon

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