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2018 & 2019

New Queers on the Block (produced by Marlborough Productions) primarily champions and supports migrant, working-class, PoC, disabled and unemployed artists who identify as LGBTQ+. As such, the programmes are presented in partnership with local LGBTQ+ groups, activists and venue partners who have adapted programming to be more inclusive of experimental work by artists who identify within the broad umbrella that is queer identity. As part of New Queers on the Block, Marlborough Productions commissioned Local Ambassadors to establish better connections - and more fluid conversations - between LGBTQ+ artists working across the UK and local queers and audiences.

Local Ambassador Programme

Curated by Benjamin Sebastian and Bean. Funded by Marlborough Productions.

Ima Read

Pop-Up LGBTQIA+ library installed in Folkestone Library

Write Like A Kween

Creative writing course led by Kerry Ryan

Camp Craft

Weekly arts & craft sessions at ]performance s p a c e [ 

Queer Ear

Queer theory lecture series:

Queer Theory & The Migration Crisis - Dr Billy Holzberg

Queer Theory & Feminism: Materialising Utopia - Caoimhe Mader McGuinness

Queer Theory & Literature - Dr Jonathan Kemp

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