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Becoming Constellation

Becoming Constellation Cut-up Sound Piece


London. UK.

Duration: 30min

Materials: Chrome cock cage, Black lace thong, Black lace fetish hood, tattoo kit, Dance pole, Violin, Recorded Sound.

Live performance by Benjamin Sebastian in the frame of Becoming Constellation exhibition at Angus-Hughes Gallery, London. Live work in collaboration with Alicia Jane Turner and Desmond Byrne - with text contributions from; Fabiola Paz & Alicia Radage.

Documentation: Andre Braga Verissimo

Supported by Arts Council England and Angus-Hughes Gallery

- - -

Becoming Constellation is an ever expanding, interdisciplinary and collaborative artwork lead by Benjamin Sebastian. 

A working methodology to explore queer narrative production - or - what it feels like to live through queerness and make new worlds.​​ Collaboration involves sitting for a photographic portrait and co-authoring a sigil with the lead artist, which is then tattooed onto the bodies of the collaborator and lead artist. Collaborators to date  include:

Dani d'Emilia,​ Fabiola Paz,​ Jade Montserrat​, Keijaun Thomas,​ Bean,​ JD Melling,

Ryan Burke,​ Matteo Cortés,​ Andre Braga Verissimo,​ Esther Neff​, Alicia Radage​,​ Joseph Morgan Schofield.

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