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Becoming Constellation


Collaborative Exhibition

Becoming Constellation is an ever expanding, interdisciplinary and collaborative artwork lead by Benjamin Sebastian. 

A working methodology to explore queer narrative production - or - what it feels like to live through queerness and make new worlds.​​


The project was initially made possible with support from Arts Council England, Creative Folkestone and Roger De Hana Charitable Trust.

Collaboration involves sitting for a photographic portrait and co-authoring a sigil with the lead artist, which is then tattooed onto the bodies of the collaborator and lead artist.


Collaborators to date include:

Dani d'Emilia,​ Fabiola Paz,​ Jade Montserrat​, Keijaun Thomas,​ Bean,​ JD Melling,​

Ryan Burke,​ Matteo Cortés,​ Andre Braga Verissimo,​ Esther Neff​, Alicia Radage​,​ Joseph Morgan Schofield.

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